Grow edible at home, in a mini fridge garden. The degree work (in cooperation with Green Fortune and Whirlpool) at the Institute of Design, at Umeå University, resulted in a prediction of our relation to plants and vegetables. And an attractive solution for normal people to grow their parts of their everyday food. View the project more closely, by click at “Portfolio”.


Place lettuce plants and herbs purchased from the supermarket into the Kitchen Garden system, you can prolong their life and continue to grow them.

The direct silencer

Audio is part of our communication. When fifteen children (a typical group of children at a preschool division) plays produced noise.

Instead of dressing the walls and ceilings with sound insulators you give the kids a toy that is a pice of furniture, as well able to absorb sounds. 

A half standing driving position for Volvo Trucks. By a gigantic teamwork and a lot of creativity we created a future chair for truck drivers.

User centered design for a uncomfortable building. It’s cold, when I’m there in the late summer. The benches are terrible to sit in, but the keeps me awake, as they are meant to... In the old beautiful church i Hörnefors, (outside Umeå, Sweden) me and Johannes Sjödin worked towards the goal of making the place better in the Design for all, point of view. By changing details in the physical building and creating a new entrance, we developed the experience of the church.

The new entrance is situated on the webb. By navigating to the sajt you can prepare your visit with a warm jacket, a helping hand and friend (to clime the thresholds) and actually walk virtual to the top, and see the clock tower.

Their can be many solutions for one problem. Working with the mind open can create easier,  cheaper and faster solutions. Me and J Sjödin found it important to show as much as possible of the church. There is much more than the physical building that is interesting in this case. Stories and the history about the church can be reached from the webb and learned by many.